CoGo previewer content

Fortium's Cogo software is a remote digital preview solution for original quality optical based content whether audio, video or data. The intended recipient can instantly view content in its fully authored format on PC remotely without being given physical access to copy or further distribute the content. One of the main purposes of Cogo is to reduce the cost, time and security risk of sending physical check discs for translations and navigational checking. The ability to remotely view archived content securely and quickly is another advantage.


Cogo software is an emulation concept involving the mounting of optical disc images on a host server for the content to be remotely packet streamed to a local PC. Access is made through a web portal across the Internet, VPN or LAN. A virtual drive is initially installed onto the client PC and the content is streamed from the host server via encrypted packet management. The content is decrypted at play-out so that it can be viewed in full quality in its original file format as if the disc was present in the drive. The encrypted content can only be accessed via secure log-in to the server and the corresponding virtual drive decryptor. All optical disc formats are supported whether CD audio, DVD video (DDP), Blu-ray (BDCMF) or data formats for games.