How Blu-Lock Protects Your HD Content

Blu-Lock is a passive anti rip solution that applies content encapsulation and sophisticated disc navigation mapping and data stream access management techniques by strategically placing data that helps prevent content from being extracted other than through normal playback. It is the only reliable Blu-Ray copy protection on the market.

Blu-Lock copy protection conforms to the BD standard and is invisible to BD players yet the ripping programs, which require full navigational access to the disc structure, are unable to process the content on the discs in order to make a playable copy disc.

Blu-Lock works as an effective ‘speed bump’ against unauthorised casual copying. Menus, special features, extra content BD-25 and dual layer BD-50 can all be protected by Blu-Lock.

Blu-Lock Drive

Fortium has partnered with Pioneer of Japan to create custom Blu-Lock drives that apply our Blu-Lock Copy Protection. The customised drive applies the protection in ways that other burners are not able to do thereby enhancing security levels, in effect providing a second layer of protection. The drive is an internal drive for PCs, autoloaders and towers.

Adding Blu-Lock at Source

Blu-Lock is applied with Fortium’s proprietary Blu-Lock software program as the last stage of authoring by simply applying the protection code to the ISO file prior to burning discs. Application takes only minutes and a job can be processed seamlessly for duplication without extending the normal work flow.

Independent Testing For Playability

Blu-Lock is rigorously tested internally at Fortium before achieving independent BD player play test accreditation at Testronic Labs.

All testing of Blu-Lock is carried out using Verbatim branded discs.

The protection sequence and workflow for Blu-Lock