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Secure Player – Video files with playback for authorised eyes only


MediaSeal encryption while you work is already a staple for protecting sensitive content throughout media workflows, at over 300 worldwide locations. Now Fortium is pleased to announce a new option to protect files for preview purposes – Secure Player, available as a free update to current MediaSeal customers.

The update allows any Encryptor user to generate video files that can only be played within the Secure Player client, available to all authorised Decryptor users. These encrypted files can be sent via any method, to any location, to allow full playback and viewer access to authorised users.

To view a Secure Player file, a user will need to meet the predetermined factors of authentication as set by the Encryptor user. Before, during and after viewing, the Secure Player files remain encrypted at-rest – leaving no gaps in the security of sensitive media. Time limited and remote revocation of access is also available.

By using this update, you can ensure files are:

  • Completely locked down to the Secure Player – they cannot be edited or exported to create a new file. Screen grabbing and screen recording software is also blocked.
  • Inaccessible to unauthorised users - if they’re not on the Encryptor users’ list and have the applicable password, they can’t view the file.
  • Easily playable – no buffering from streaming or shaky connections, no downloads of video playing software needed.

 With Secure Player bundled into MediaSeal, it means any and all media files can be shared with trusted partners across the world without the worry of leaks or media breaches. 

Fortium will be rolling out the Secure Player to the MediaSeal protected network in January 2019. This will require all Encryptor and Decryptor users updating to version 3.8 of their respective programs. For more information on this and to request an update, please message

Also included in V3.8 of MediaSeal is the removal of the password requirement for machine licence (or “soft licence” iLok) accounts. From V3.8 onwards, decryptor users will only need to deposit a machine licence to their workstation once – this means logging in on start up will no longer require use of a password. For more information, please contact