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Over 125 Post Facilities Now MediaSeal Enabled, Protecting Their Content

Leading digital security solutions provider Fortium Technologies has announced that there are now 125 post-production facilities set-up with its MediaSeal file encryption-at-rest software.

MediaSeal is a security solution for big budget movies and premium TV. Its designed to ensure content can only be accessed by the intended recipients preventing accidental distribution or intentional leaks. During the review stages of a production in post-production, the content is at its most vulnerable. With many high profile leaks over the past few years all film and television studios need to protect their content. Lionsgate, Warner Bros, BBC Worldwide, NBC Universal, Film Nation, AMC TV and many more recognise the need for MediaSeal.

“MediaSeal can prevent leaks of content before it’s intended to get into the public domain,” said Peter Worrall, research director at Fortium. “If a pirated copy of a film is available before official release then the revenues of that title will decline. Even a trailer, script, one piece of film edit or music file get out before it is supposed to then it’s going to harm box-office takings and viewing figures.”

Research shows that on average pre-release piracy causes a 19.1% decrease in revenue compared to piracy that occurs post-release (Source “Impact of Pre-Release Movie Piracy on Box-Office Revenue” by Carnegie Mellon University). MediaSeal is designed to pro- actively defend against damaging pre-release leaks in film and TV production safeguarding new release sales revenues for content owners. Encryption at-rest is a CDSA ( recommended best practice.

Applying encryption to post-production files has traditionally been difficult to achieve due to compatibility between professional editing programs and encrypted files. In response to market demand Fortium successfully created a unique methodology to make MediaSeal encryption file agnostic across all programs running on Mac and Windows operating systems.

“When we started developing MediaSeal we always knew it had to slot discretely into the creative workflow,” said Mathew Gilliat-Smith, CEO of Fortium. “We have worked very closely with TV and movie studios to ensure that it’s easy to use and virtually transparent in busy post-production environments while ensuring it achieves robust security.”