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New Ransomware Blocking Feature With MediaSeal Access Control Being Demonstrated At IBC By Fortium, On Aspera Partner Booth #7.G20

If an unknown program is trying to access sensitive files or folders that have been protected with MediaSeal security, the system is designed to automatically block access by the unrecognised program. MediaSeal is able to filter and control programs at file level so that unrecognised and spoofed programs can be detected and blocked providing a crucial additional layer of security. This is currently at the proof of concept stage and will be demonstrated at IBC this week. 

Ransomware has dominated headlines this year, with the likes of WannaCry and Petya becoming two of the most well known in causing untold reputational and monetary damage to many organisations, like the UK NHS, Ukrainian banks and international airports. This is in addition to the various cyber attacks that have taken place in the entertainment industry, with stories of studios being held to ransom by hackers that have stolen confidential video files - and content being released online if they don't pay up.

Fortium's MediaSeal encryption at-rest solution already protects against unauthorised access to sensitive content - now MediaSeal can help protect against Ransomware attacks that are becoming more and more prevalent. 

New ransomware blocking feature with MediaSeal access control - currently at preview stage

MediaSeal's Ransomware Protection works by alerting users if an unauthorised program is trying to access a protected file. A user can allow access if they recognise and trust the program (MediaSeal will display the programs location and publisher); conversely, a program's access can be rejected.

MediaSeal will remember safe programs and applications locally, that you have already allowed access too, so that you can continue working as normal and build a "whitelist" of protected programs, catered for you individually.

You can see a preview of how MediaSeal's Ransomware Protection will work below:


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