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NAB Show and Avid Connect 2018 Aftermath

After another busy NAB Show, Fortium was able to meet with those from the entertainment industry and learn about how they are dealing with cyber security in their day-to-day working environments. The majority of people we spoke to were clear; security of their media assets against the ever-evolving threats out there is at the forefront of their minds. 

A fantastic write-up on NAB Show, current problems facing studios and how our MediaSeal software can keep sensitive content secure was written on PostPerspective, by Jonathan Abrams of Nutmeg: Abrams has used MediaSeal himself a few occasions, and noted "it achieves its security directives with aplomb."

We were lucky enough to have a leading role on the issue of cyber security throughout the week at NAB. Here's some of the places you may have found us:


We believe our MediaSeal encryption at-rest software is the best protection against cyber threats that were talked about at NAB this year. Even if you are behind a firewall, or working in an offline environment, you can still be vulnerable to new attack vectors or classic human error. With MediaSeal encryption while you work, files are protected at an individual level per user. They can only ever be accessed by authorised users - and that access can even be revoked. Accidental distribution from wrong autocorrected emails or lost laptops is stopped, as well as more sophistcated attacks like remote sweeps or network breaches.

You can learn more about MediaSeal by viewing our encryption at-rest, in motion and in use product page, or my emailing us on