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NAB Debate - "Your Risk, Your Reputation - security from the perspective of industry professionals”

We invite you to join us for the panel debate on: “Your Risk, Your Reputation - security from the perspective of industry professionals” at the Connected Media IP Presentation Theatre SU13205 (South Hall Upper) 4.30-5pm on Tuesday April 10. 

We will be joined by entertainment industry editors and professionals who deal with the issue of protecting their sensitive content everyday:

  • Mike Jackman, EVP Post Production & Worldwide Delivery of FilmNation. Mike Jackman is a filmmaker with over 25 years of experience, with an extensive background in post production, for a variety of projects. He personally oversaw the post-production of 2017's multiple academy award winner Arrival.
  • Tom Ohanian, Strategist, designer, and inventor of digital media products and workflow solutions. An Academy Award and two-time Emmy recipient for Scientific and Technical Invention, multiple patent holder, and serves on the Technical Emmy committee.
  • Michael Phillips, Post-Production Consultant, Creative Technology Officer of Hula Post. Michael is a well known name across the industry and spent over 20 years at Avid where he was a principal product designer. He now works directly with post-production studios to streamline their workflows and holds a dozen patents related to post production, sound and interactivity, as well as an Innovator of the Year honor from the Mass Media Alliance.
  • Mathew Gilliat-Smith, CEO of Fortium. Mathew is co-founder and CEO of Fortium. He is responsible for establishing Fortium as a market leader in content security solutions to the film & entertainment sector, working with the likes of Warner Bros, Sony Pictures, Disney and others over the past decade.
  • Host: Linda Rosner, MD of Artisans PRLinda founded ArtisansPR and has built it into a highly respected and successful agency focused on media, entertainment, and technology. She serves on The Hollywood Professional Alliance (HPA) Awards Committee and is a member of SMPTE and other industry organizations.


Cybercrime is increasing, workflows are busier and the risk of leaks and piracy is much higher. Balancing risk vs safety is the challenge but the time for optional security is over and a pro-active approach is urgently needed. Accommodating procedural changes in busy workflows can be unwelcome. Can making security a budgeted line item on each production help ensure content is always protected?  Get security wrong and you risk your reputation, your profits and your team.