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MacOS Catalina Version of MediaSeal Available + Secure Viewer Support

Fortium are pleased to announce a new version of MediaSeal encryption while-you-work, Version 3.9.

What's New

MacOS Catalina (10.15) Compatibility

The latest version of MediaSeal supports the newly released MacOS, Catalina (10.15). We recommend installing the newest version of MediaSeal before upgrading your OSX to Catalina. We have worked with our partners at Apple to ensure support as soon as possible.

For more information about what operating systems MediaSeal is compatible with, please visit the MediaSeal Support Center: Which Operating Systems are Compatible with MediaSeal Software? 

If you need to upgrade to V3.9 of MediaSeal or have other queries, please message


New Feature - Secure Viewer

Along with compatability for the newest MacOS, MediaSeal V3.9 includes a new feature for view-only documents, called Secure Viewer. 

The update allows any Encryptor user to generate read-only documentation that can only be viewed within the Secure Viewer client, available to authorised Decryptor users. These encrypted files can be sent via any method, to any location, to allow viewer access to authorised users.

To view a Secure Viewer file, a user will need to meet the pre-determined factors of authentication as set by the Encryptor user. Before, during and after viewing, the Secure Viewer files remain encrypted at-rest – leaving no gaps in the security of sensitive documentation. Time limited and remote revocation of access is also available.

By using this update, you can ensure files are:

  • Completely locked down to the Secure Viewer – they cannot be opened in other applications.
  • Inaccessible to unauthorised users - if they’re not on the Encryptor users’ list and have the applicable password, they cannot view the file.
  • Tamperproof - they cannot be edited, copied or changed in any way.

With Secure Viewer bundled into MediaSeal, it means official documentation or scanned images can be shared with trusted partners across the world without the worry of leaks or cyber breaches.

Enchanced Security To File Access Controls

Encryptor users now have the ability to customise time access rules on job creation. To ensure files stay secure, a Decryptor user can be requested to re-enter a file password after a set time limit if necessary. This authorisation cache control gives more granular management of sensitive media content. 


How Do I Install MediaSeal V3.9?

The newest version will be sent to Decryptor users shortly via email. This will include download packages for both Windows and MacOS. As ever, we recommend uninstalling your previous version before upgrading.

You can also access the download by logging into the MediaSeal Portal using your sign-up credentials.


Further Information and Support

If you'd like to be set up with MediaSeal to keep your sensitive content secure, please get in touch via our Fortium Contact Page.

You can also visit our MediaSeal Support Centre for any technical issues you may be experiencing.