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MacOS Big Sur compatible version of MediaSeal is now available


The latest version of MediaSeal (V3.10.3) supports the newly released MacOS, Big Sur (11.0). We recommend installing the newest version of MediaSeal before upgrading your OSX to Big Sur. Fortium have worked ahead of time to ensure day and date support with this new operating system.

For more information about what operating systems MediaSeal is compatible with, please visit the MediaSeal Support Centre: Which Operating Systems are Compatible with MediaSeal Software? ​


How do I install the new Big Sur compatible version of MediaSeal?

If you wish to start using Big Sur, you can download the compatible version of MediaSeal by logging into the MediaSeal Portal using your sign-up credentials.


Further information

If you'd like to be set up with MediaSeal to keep your sensitive content secure, please get in touch via our Fortium Contact Page.

You can also visit our MediaSeal Support Centre for any technical issues you may be experiencing or message