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Fortium, Avid Partner on Post-Production File Encryption Solution

Leading digital security solutions provider Fortium Technologies today announced that it has signed a license agreement with Avid to make MediaSeal file encryption at-rest accessible to all of the Avid post-production community.

MediaSeal is compatible with the Avid Everywhere applications and is designed to encrypt all types of media files during the editing and review stages of post-production in order to help protect against leaks caused by hacking, piracy or accidental distribution. By integrating encryption at-rest with an advanced access control system it ensures that files remain protected after they have been distributed and throughout the post production process so that only authorized project members may view or work on them.

“With content owners facing increasing risks from cybercrime and piracy, file encryption becomes an even higher priority for our customers,” stated Bill Neuman, VP of products at Avid. “MediaSeal encryption has a proven track record of working seamlessly with Avid products and is a natural fit for our product offerings. We intend to work closely with Fortium to further integrate MediaSeal into our product suite.”

Research shows that on average pre-release piracy causes a 19.1% decrease in revenue compared to piracy that occurs post-release. MediaSeal is designed to pro-actively defend against damaging pre-release leaks in film and TV production safeguarding new release sales revenues for content owners. Encryption at-rest is a CDSA recommended best practice.

“Fortium is delighted to be partnering with Avid to make MediaSeal more widely available as a standard workflow feature to both small and large creative studios,” commented Mathew Gilliat-Smith, CEO of Fortium. “MediaSeal is already being used on major releases and now it can be made available to all creatives. We have worked very closely with TV and movie studios to ensure that it’s easy to use and virtually transparent in busy post-production environments while ensuring it achieves robust security.”

Applying encryption to post-production files has traditionally been difficult to achieve due to compatibility between professional editing programs and encrypted files. In response to market demand Fortium successfully created a unique methodology to make MediaSeal encryption file agnostic across all programs running on Mac and Windows operating systems.