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Hollywood Preps for Dec. 7 CDSA Content Protection Summit - sponsored by Fortium

Every year, the CDSA Content Protection Summit (CPS) brings together Hollywood’s top cybersecurity, content protection and anti-piracy experts, with a full-day program featuring speakers from studios, broadcasters and their technology partners.

This year’s eighth annual CDSA Content Protection Summit, Dec. 7 at the Marina del Rey Marriott in Los Angeles, promises to be one of the best yet, with cybersecurity experts from education, law enforcement, government and more, pairing with those from the industry itself.

In addition to a major keynote by a former FBI counter-terrorism and counterintelligence operative, other panels and presentations include “Budgeting for Security in Production and Post Production,” “Ending the Golden Age of Internet Theft: How to Monetize Piracy,” “Security Roundtable: Why Content Theft Matters,” and “Turning the Table on Hackers.” Additionally, attendees will get a look at the industry’s largest showcase of new solutions and innovations around content security, in the CPS Innovation and Technology Showcase.

Fortium are once again sponsoring the event, and will be hosting our a CPS Innovation and Technology showcase on the importance of encrypting content in post-production workflows- entitled "Encryption While You Work".

The theft of content or accidental leaks during the post production phase remains a serious concern to TV and film productions. At this stage of editing the movie or TV episode may be unfinished but the video content is often in its final form. Any leaks can have serious financial or reputational consequences for both the content owner and any supply chain partners involved. Given the need for shared access during this stage, it is also a time when the content is at its most vulnerable to accidental distribution, system hacks or piracy. In this session we learn about some of the steps that can and should be taken to protect content at-rest.

Fortium has developed MediaSeal, a completely unique file encryption system that can protect files as they are being accessed in professional editing programs like Pro Tools, Final Cut and Media Composer. To learn more about MediaSeal, please visit

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