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"Top Tips to avoid your data being held ransom" - Joint Webinar from Object Matrix and Fortium


Is remote working putting the security of your media assets at risk?

All business owners need to be asking how secure their files are in the "new normal". This is especially true within media and entertainment, where disparate workflows can lead to multiple users accessing the same project files. Pre-COVID19, this would often be in managed network environments that had been secured by IT managers or security professionals; but now? It's likely highly sensitive audio and video files are being edited from offices that double as kitchens or bedrooms. There are new security risks that didn't exist in controlled office or studio spaces. 

The use of encryption at-rest or encryption-in-use to deny access to unauthorized users; third party watermarking which traces content use; anti-screen grabbing technology; real-time activity audits. There's a lot of potential security measures media companies could and should have in place to protect their video content.

It's a lot to think about. Ultimately, adopting remote workflows shouldn't be a leap of faith. Instead it should be embraced and security challenges can be met by assessing risk.

Object Matrix and Fortium will be coming together in a webinar to provide answers to these security issues. We will consider ways in which to secure your valued content. Both companies are vastly experienced in the field of data security and harbour a wealth of knowledge that can make tackling this daunting problem easier for all concerned parties.

Please join us on Wednesday 16th September at 3pm to learn more. You can sign up for the webinar, and others during Object Matrix's Webinarathon, using the form below.