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Patronus Protected Over 70 Screeners During 2017 Award Season

“Over the recent festive period, not one English language screener copy of a movie appeared online... While reasons are almost always tough to pinpoint, it’s likely that Hollywood has toughened up its security.” Source Torrent Freak from January 2017.

Each year Fortium releases new a version of Patronus anti-rip DVD Copy Protection for the Academy and BAFTA Awards season. This year saw the highest levels of protection yet as well as the largest quantity of Patronus protected screeners. Over 70 of the best films from the past 12 months were protected, reaching a cumulative total of 64 Academy Award nominations.

We're exceptionally pleased with the result of this year's protection, with Patronus DVD Copy Protection helping prevent early leaks of award screeners and slowing down the impact of piracy on the movie industry.

Patronus DVD Copy Protection can be used on any job, duplication or replication, big or small, where you want to protect sensitive content from the vast library of rippers available online. Visit our Patronus page to learn how our DVD Copy Protection can protect your investment.

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