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“Can security be frictionless in post-production workflows?” with Avid, Aspera, FilmNation, Telestream, CDSA and Fortium @ NAB 2017

Fortium CEO Mathew Gilliat-Smith hosted a panel debate on “Can security be frictionless in post-production workflows?” recently at NAB. Our panel included many familiar names from the industry:

  • Mike Jackman, EVP of post-production and worldwide delivery at FilmNation Entertainment ,who personally oversaw the post-production of Arrival and The Founder (he is also co-chairman of the New York Production Alliance)
  • Dominic Jackson, product manager at Telestream Enterprise Products
  • Mike Flathers, chief technologist of the Aspera Developer Platform at Aspera
  • Rob Gonsalves, director of architecture at Avid
  • Chris Johnson, global director of content protection for CDSA


Questions Debated:

Human Error: PWC, in a UK government report said 50% of the worst security breaches overall in 2016 were caused by “inadvertent human error”. We assume this means accidental. From your own perspective is this stat reflective in the post-production/pre-release environment?

 …and the panel consensus was: “Yes, accidental distribution is one of the main the vulnerabilities we face and greater education and easier to use security is needed.”


Weakest part of the chain: Talking of the pre-release area, what would you say is the weakest part of the security chain and where are the pain points?  – e.g. content prep; when it's residing at the client, in the Cloud?

…and the panel consensus was: “Where content is being worked on by multiple parties in very fast turnaround it is most difficult to control.”



Online vs Offline: Putting aside the obvious concerns of online; is the scope for stronger and easier security greater or less in an online versus offline environment? For example, on the one side people think that offline is sufficient but on the other side people argue there is far more you can do online e.g. authentication and tracking. Maybe also open up to the audience.

…and the panel consensus was: “Much greater security, control and auditing can be exercised in a securely connected environment and greater education is needed to give people the assurances it is safe”


EU GDPR Regulation: Regarding the forthcoming GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in Europe, which will mandate security of all personal data in whatever form, from April 2018, will it radically alter the way security is handled by the Hollywood Studios? Can we have a show of of who knows what GDPR is?

…and the panel consensus was: “A show of hands from the audience and the panel indicated that only 10% of people understand what this impending regulation is or how it will affect the industry.” More information on GDPR is available via Wikipedia


Is Friction Real or Perceived? Many people are hesitant to deploy new security measures because they have a notion it’s going to break their process, when in fact they just don't want to be burdened with having to use, for example, two-factor or multi-factor authentication, or a password. How many times do you hear: “I’m not the problem, so why should I have to do anything extra?”

…and the panel consensus was: “Friction is very real but education from the top down is needed to make people understand how important extra security is to lock down content but security providers must strive to make solutions more seamless. It's also about protecting the individuals themselves from accidentally leaking sensitive content.”


2FA: Increased security like two factor authentication (2FA) means an extra step – e.g. password and a physical key – we learnt to do this with personal banking and now it’s the norm. Are extra steps for this still too onerous for people working day-to-day in post-production workflows? 

…and the panel consensus was: “People don’t want their workflows disrupted and different levels of security are appropriate for different situations.”


Employing Millennials: The ‘millennials’ generation are now becoming employees in the workflow – these people expect instant results, sharing things as simply as possible, social networking, multi-tasking, BYOD (bring you own device), always being connected. How do you educate them – is this going to be an increasing security challenge and how do you deal with it?

…and the panel consensus was: “the millennials are already here; many are more adept and security aware than their longstanding managers. We need to adapt to BYOD and connected environments provided it's safe.”


The main takeaway from this talk was that solutions need to evolve around the needs of post-production studios, which is what has led to the evolution of MediaSeal to provide an encryption on the fly tool.

For more information on Live Folders encryption on the fly, to set up a demonstration, or any of our other products, then simply contact us and learn how we can help keep your sensitive content secure.

“Security is something that is [growing exponentially] because we can see all the cybersecurity threats all the time, every day.”
Education from the top down is needed to make people understand how important extra security is to lock down content