About Us

Fortium Technologies is a leading provider of digital content protection solutions for film, entertainment and broadcast industries. Fortium's products solve problems with the minimum amount of impact on user workflows, meaning they are used across the board on a vast array of media content. We have been developing digital content security solutions since 1999 with the core aim of keeping sensitive content secure from pirates, hackers and unintentional distribution for some of the biggest media companies in the world.

There are many ways in which digital content can be pirated. Sources of piracy stem from pre-release TV, movies and music including from production and post-production, pre-release distribution, and pre-release screenings. Research shows that on average pre-release piracy causes a 19.1% decrease in revenue compared to piracy that occurs post-release (Source “An Empirical Analysis of the Impact of Pre-Release Movie Piracy on Box-Office Revenue” by Carnegie Mellon University). MediaSeal is designed to pro-actively defend against damaging pre-release leaks in film and TV production safeguarding new release sales revenues for content owners. Encryption at-rest is a CDSA recommended best practice.

Fortium’s products are like an insurance policy in the sense that content owners can protect themselves against loss. We license our software products to a wide range of customers and partners helping them to gain greater value for their digital products. Customers include NBC Universal, Disney, Sony Pictures,  Warner Bros, Paramount Studios, Technicolor and Deluxe. We have a re-seller network and our products provide significant revenue generating opportunities.

We are a leading provider of content protection solutions for the film entertainment and broadcast industries.
We work with both major, international studios and small independent videographers that create unique video content.