About Us

Fortium Technologies is a leading provider of digital content protection solutions for film, entertainment and broadcast industries. Since 1999 Fortium has successfully developed innovative technologies that help leading international businesses have greater control over the way in which their digital content is consumed.

There are many ways in which digital content can be pirated. Sources of piracy stem from pre-release TV, movies and music including from production and post-production, pre-release distribution, and pre-release screenings. Research shows that on average pre-release piracy causes a 19.1% decrease in revenue compared to piracy that occurs post-release (Source “An Empirical Analysis of the Impact of Pre-Release Movie Piracy on Box-Office Revenue” by Carnegie Mellon University). MediaSeal is designed to pro-actively defend against damaging pre-release leaks in film and TV production safeguarding new release sales revenues for content owners. Encryption at-rest is a CDSA recommended best practice.

Fortium’s products are like an insurance policy in the sense that content owners can protect themselves against loss. We license our software products to a wide range of customers and partners helping them to gain greater value for their digital products. Customers include NBC Universal, Disney, Sony Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox, Warner Bros, Paramount Studios, Technicolor and Deluxe. We have a re-seller network and our products provide significant revenue generating opportunities.

We are a leading provider of content protection solutions for the film entertainment and broadcast industries.
We work with both major, international studios and small independent videographers that create unique video content.

Management Team


Mathew Gilliat-Smith

Mathew is co-founder and CEO of Fortium. He is responsible for taking Fortium from a start-up in 1999 through to a well-established, profitable and respected business providing market leading content security solutions to the film & entertainment sector. 

Mathew is a digital media security specialist working with leading TV and films studios. He is a co-founder of Fortium Technologies and as CEO has led the company to be market leader in creating unique security products that help protect TV and film studios in the sensitive and complex stages of pre-release. With 25 years’ experience in the media and entertainment sector he has built up strong relationships within the industry working closely with the Technical Operations, Anti-Piracy and Post-Production teams at NBC Universal, Disney, Sony Pictures, Lionsgate, AMC Networks, the BBC, Film Nation and Warner Brothers.

As such he had developed wide experience in cyber security and piracy crises. He is a regular speaker at content protection seminars and conferences and a member of the Hollywood Post Alliance, the Media Entertainment Services Alliance and a strong advocate of encryption at-rest in the workplace. He lives in the UK with his wife and three sons and spends several weeks each year in LA.

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Technical Director

Tony Miles

Tony is co-founder and CTO of Fortium. He continues to create exciting new software & hardware technologies and is responsible for designing products from initial concept through to commercial release. Tony has won awards for software and electronics innovation. He is a qualified microelectronics engineer and his background is in electronics, software, sound engineering and broadcast.

His prior career was at Echo Recording Studios, S4C (Channel 4 Wales, HTV, ITV, BBC Wales, BBC). He won the 1995 Welsh Office Award for Innovation in Acoustics Design; the 1996 Princes Trust Full Bursary Award for Innovation & Design; and 1997 Young Welsh Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

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Marketing & Research Director

Peter Worrall

Peter is the third co-founder of Fortium Technologies Ltd and is director of research & marketing. His background spans new media, publishing and the hospitality sectors. Peter has help Fortium Technologies grow into an established and respected provider of digital security for the film and entertainment sector. Prior to this, he was also Editor of Insurance Specialist and Compliance Y2K. In a fast changing digital world Peter has successfully identified and opened up new markets into which Fortium is successfully providing unique technology solutions.

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Ceri Coburn

Ceri is the Chief Operating Officer at Fortium and has been with the company since 2000, moving up from Senior developer to COO. He works day-to-day in creating and improving the industry leading products Fortium is known for, making them reach the high expectations our clients expect. Ceri also leads software integrations into third party products and has developed a vast knowledge of the cyber security space.

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Chief Product Officer | Software Craftsman

Lee Griffiths

Lee joined Fortium in 2002 as a Software Developer and is now the Chief Product Officer. He leads the development teams with a focus on software craftsmanship, agile principles, and creating a culture of self-organizing, self-motivated people.   His passion for code was first discovered when he was just 8 years old when his father showed him how to write his first ‘hello world’ program in QBasic.  After many a lost evening copying code listings out of computer magazines, his enthusiasm grew further and was soon writing fully-functional social media and networking applications in secondary school.  After completing his computer science degree at Cardiff University he then joined Fortium and quickly had to learn to write ‘proper real-world code’.

Throughout his career, Lee has worked on a great number of projects spanning a wide variety of technologies and programming languages, and while he specializes in C++ desktop applications, he can be found secretly dabbling in C# creating web projects, and doing coding kata's in Java.

Lee is a massive proponent of personal-development and encourages his team to push the boundaries of their skills and knowledge through training, pair programming, attending conferences and code retreats, and setting extra-curricular fitness goals.

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Business Development Lead - Hollywood

Adam Krentzman

Adam Krentzman leads U.S. business development for Fortium. With nearly 30 years of experience in the entertainment industry, Adam previously served as a motion picture packaging agent at CAA. There, he represented directors and producers including Michael Bay, Michael Mann, Antoine Fuqua, Jerry Bruckheimer and Bill Condon, and more than 50 studio films, including Bad Boys, Casino, Good Fellas, Training Day and Hellraiser. He is a graduate of Loyola Marymount University and lives in Los Angeles.

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