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Like using a credit card... you can only play the disc by entering your own unique PIN ensuring that no one else can play the disc, unless given your number.

If you can't play the disc you can't make a copy... not even an analogue copy.

Changing the mind-set of the recipient... with a credit card concept will make them think more responsibly.

  • PIN-Play protection is ideal for all types of highly sensitive video content.
  • No reverse engineering as the PIN is not contained on the disc.
  • Base protection with Patronus anti rip.
  • Works with single and dual layer content.
  • No effect on quality.
  • Easy authoring.
  • Integrates with forensic watermarking.
  • Fortium' automated visible marking available.
  • Licensing - prices for software & per disc please contact us.

How does PIN-Play for Disc work?

PIN-Play for Disc adds units of data to the VOB files on the disc to create PIN menus. A complex set of program chains forces the player to always navigate to the first PIN menu so that the disc cannot be played until the correct PIN is entered. Button details are added to the navigation pack throughout the DVD structure linking each program chain to the next menu. PIN-Play is executed by selecting the correct button in the PIN sequence which crosschecks to determine whether or not the PIN has been entered correctly. In short you cannot by pass the menus to gain free access to the VOB files as the PIN menus are embedded deep throughout the disc structure.

What is Patronus?

PIN-Play for Disc protected discs contain a base layer of Fortium's Patronus anti-rip software, a unique encapsulation technique embedded in the DVD structure, which ripping programs have great difficulty in penetrating. Patronus, which is used each year to protect the principal award-winning Academy and BAFTA screeners, is stronger than any other copy protection solution as independently tested making it the most reliable anti rip copy protection for recordable media.

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Protecting highly sensitive content
in highly sensitive situations.

Forensic Watermarking

Third party forensic watermarking systems can be integrated with DVD PIN Play either through an automated API plug-in or by manually pre watermarking the files.

Automated Visible Marking

Inserting individual visible marks, e.g. a recipient’s name, is a feature that can be included using Fortium’s Visimark software. Full editing features available.

Independent Testing

Independent external testing by Testronic Labs confirms 100% playback of Patronus protected discs in DVD players. NGS security tests confirm that discs protected with Patronus software do not load any software onto PC operating systems. Crest Digital confirms DVD Class ‘A’ Verification.

DVD Data Information

  • Capacity: 20Mb per significant title but will not exceed DVD layer.
  • Speed to apply Patronus: 6 minutes per 4Gb file.
  • Current version: v20.
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